Slow Cooked Roast Pork

I have to say one of my most favourite roasting meats is pork. It’s most definitely a close second to beef. Oh my, I just love the flavour.

And of course the crackling. I don’t care what you say, it’s just too damn tasty.

There’s a lot to say about pork itself. It’s just a great meat to cook with. You can cook it with nothing at all or plenty of herbs, spices, or a rub or sauce and it still tastes amazingly delicious.

Sam hates crackling. Funnily enough my mum does too and she often cooks a roast pork. But it’s a real hero in a roast pork. Ok, yes, the meat is mighty fine, but the crackling, oh, well, that’s just *drools.* Sorry, it’s the loudest, product and should be one of the best loved parts of a roast pork. It is fat, which most of you cry no doubt that, “yuck,” who does that but that skin that sits above a layer of fat, where I’ve just rubbed salt into, above the skin-to-be 5 hours in oven meat, makes for one of the best Sunday roast dinners around. Besides, Sam won’t eat the crackling, but I bloody well will.

Right, where were we? Oh yes.

So, today’s recipe is the really rather amazing Slow Cooked Roast Pork Shoulder. I bought this gorgeous joint the weekend before but put it in the freezer and saved it for this perfect chilly Sunday afternoon. I had prepared the vegetables the evening before, so it was all about the meat when I woke up that Sunday morning.

I had bought this lovely joint of pork from Rooks & Sons, the butcher everyone loves here in Thanet. We had bought it s few weeks before and popped it in the freezer for a day like today. A perfect joint for a perfect Sunday roast.

Preparation: 60 minutes

Cooking: 5 hours

Resting: 30 minutes


  • 2 tbsp rock salt
  • 1.5kg Pork Shoulder Joint
  • 1 tbsp olive oil


As this was in the freezer, I defrosted it the day before. If it’s in the fridge, take it out an hour before you want to start cooking it, so it comes to room temperature.

Preheat the oven to 220°C/425°F/gas 7.

Remove the pork joint from packaging, and rub a good amount of sea salt all over the fat. I prefer not scoring the fat apart from the skin, but Zoe, prefer than way. If you do, get yourself a small sharp knife and make scores about 1cm apart through the skin into the fat, but not so deep that you cut into the meat. If the joint is tied, try not to cut through the string.

Place the pork, in a roasting tray and roast for 1 hour.

After an hour, remove from the oven, season again and turn the heat down to 170°C/325°F/gas 3, cover the pork with kitchen foil and roast in the oven for 2 hours. Remove after 2 hours and add olive oil over the fat and cook for a further 2 hours.

Take the pork out of the oven 30 minutes before you wish to serve. Slice and cover with foil to keep warm.

Throughout the pork cooking process, cook your sides and gravy as and when. Serve and voila. Tasty, delicious roast pork, perfect for a Sunday roast.

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